An assortment of custom tailored leggings, sports bras and apparel
Tailored to fit You

Created and Designed by Our Pattern Makers and Sewers

Designed for your specifications, Personalized for your measurements

Athlettia Makes it Easy: Here's How It Works

1. Choose Your Style

Begin your journey to perfect-fitting athletic wear by exploring our exclusive collection of leggings styles. Whether you're into high-intensity workouts, yoga, or looking for comfortable leisure wear, we've got a style to match.

2. Submit Your Measurements

After your purchase, you'll be prompted to submit your measurements. Our easy-to-follow guide ensures you'll get a perfect fit tailored just for you.

3. Experience the Perfect Fit

Once we have your style choice and measurements, our experts craft your leggings to your exact specifications. Get ready to feel the difference in your workouts and day-to-day comfort.

Discover Your Style

The Perfect Leggings Await - Dive into our collection and take the first step towards a custom-fit experience that changes the way you think about activewear. Leggings for every activity from compression leggings for runners to soft, stretchy fabrics for yoga, find the perfect base for your athletic wardrobe.

Each item is custom fit to your unique measurements in our factories, ensuring comfort and style that's truly tailored just for you.

Why Athlettia?

1. Precision Tailoring

Say goodbye to ill-fitting activewear. Our tailor-made approach ensures your leggings fit you perfectly.

2. High-Quality Materials

We use only the best fabrics designed to move with you, offering both support and durability.

3. Sustainable Fashion

Our commitment to sustainability means you’re not just doing good for your body, but for the planet too.


Where are these made?

All orders are diligently hand crafted by our skilled team in either our PA or NJ factory.

How do I submit my measurements?

After your purchase you will receive an email directing you to the measurement questionnaire. The questionnaire will guide you step by step with photos and video on how to take your measurements.

Where can I view my measurements?

Click "account" in the upper right hand corner of our site. Your measurements are stored in your measurement profile.

Is this a subscription?

No. We do not currently have a subscription.

How long will it take to get my order?

We are custom crafting each item from start to finish, so it does take some time. We are committed to shipping your order within 20 business days of placing it.

Can I shop for my whole family?

Yes, you can but please create a separate account for each family member. Currently there is just 1 measurement profile per account.